Elephant window for the Ivoryton Library

This custom stained glass window panel was created for the Ivoryton Library as a gift in memory of the Town Historian. It is fitted into a transom-style space above French doors between adjoining rooms in the library.

Elephants are the major theme of the library, as the history of the town includes a piano factory, which used ivory for the piano keys.

The panel measures approximately 10 by 34 inches and depicts two elephants in a greeting, entwining their trunks. The amber and purple glass in the panel were taken from an old window saved from a renovation. The library dates back to 1889, so you can imagine how thrilling it was to be able to reuse the old glass.

On either side of the stained glass panel are 4 pieces of decorative calligraphy by Adrienne Samuelson, of Centerbrook, Connecticut.
Original Stained Glass Copyright 2010 by Diane L. Blasius.