Stained Glass

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Working and creating art with stained glass is a most satisfying experience. I translate some of the detail I use in my illustration and portrait work into my stained glass designs using the fantastic colors and textures found in the glass itself. One has to consider the light in which the piece will be viewed and choose the colors and glass accordingly. My designs are all original creations, done from nature and photographs. I use the copper foil method which allows me to cut smaller pieces and thus get more detail in the glass design.

Bonsai Stained Glass Windows
Bonsai Stained Glass Windows
This diptych is in the private home of an architect and his family, set in an interior wall in a bathroom. Each panel is approximately 27″ by 48.” The windows create a relaxing tone for soaking in the tub.
English Springer Spaniel on Rocks
English Springer Spaniel On Rocks
English Springer Spaniel On Rocks. Stained Glass Trophy for 2009 Eastern English Springer Spaniel Specialty Best of Opposite Sex.
St. Bernard Sun Catcher
St. Bernard Suncatcher
St. Bernard dog in a round sun catcher, approximately 7″ across.