Pet Portraits

Note Cards, Dog Breeds, Cats, and more.

I have had many years of experience creating custom dog portraits of all dog breeds. My work as a pet artist is displayed in homes across the United States. The watercolor pet portraits are rendered with overlapping layers of finely detailed professional colored pencil used to capture the texture of each dog’s coat and markings.

As in my illustrations, my adoration of animals can be seen in the detail of my commissioned pet portraits. Custom pet portraits, done from your photos or mine, are available in different sizes and configurations.



This custom pet portrait is of Emmie, English Springer Spaniel, an all-around special dog who was not only a show dog, Champion, but an agility dog, and beloved pet.

Cash and Nevada


Custom pet portrait of Cash and Nevada, German Pinschers. In the private collection of Sharon Asher.

Three dogs, Bosco, Riley and Maicoh


This is a custom pet portrait for Lisa St Aubin of her three dogs, Bosco, Riley and Maicoh. In the private collection of Lisa St Aubin.

Chocolate Lab


This is a custom pet portrait done of a beloved Chocolate Lab named Hirsch.


Abby Cat Portrait

This custom pet portrait was done of a beloved cat named Abby.

Lilly Portrait


Buck wheat Groucho Portrait


Chocolate Labrador Retriever Portrait
This portrait is of Summer, a Chocolate Labrador Retriever. Private collection of Dr. and Mrs. Ed Monroe.
Flat Coated Retriever Portrait
This custom dog portrait is of Tapas, a Flat Coated Retriever. It was done as a secret gift for a friend for Christmas of 2009, and is now in the home of Donna Bennett. Doing a portrait of a dog that I know can be difficult, as it can be harder to capture that essence I’m familiar with. The eyes are where the personality is and I believe I’ve captured Tapas’ happy-go-lucky yet sensitive nature.
German Shepherd Portrait
Portrait of a German Shepherd Dog.
Airedale Terrier Portrait
Portrait of Rudy, and Airedale Terrier, in the private collection of Paula Jacobi.
Field Spaniel Portrait
Portrait of Simon, a black and tan Field Spaniel, in the private collection of David Blitz and Sally Stebbins.
Field Spaniel Portrait
Luka, a Field Spaniel; portrait in the private collection of Karen Balinski and Jay Gardiner.
English Springer Spaniels
English Springer Spaniel Painting
This artwork was done for the Best of Breed prize for the Eastern English Springer Spaniel Specialty. It’s done with a watercolor underpainting and colored pencil for all the detail.
Pointer Portrait
This portrait is of Jeannie, a Pointer, and in the private collection of Sue and Chuck Savage.
Golden Retriever Portrait
Golden Retriever
Golden Retriever Puppy playing in the snow. Watercolor and colored pencil.
Labrador Retrievers Portrait
Portrait of Labrador Retrievers Yellow and Chocolate.
Liver Field Spaniel Portrait
Field Spaniel Pheobe
Field Spaniel Pheobe
Akita Portrait
Portrait of an Akita named Duncan.
English Pointer Portrait
English black and white Pointer.
Welsh Springer Spaniel Portrait
Welsh Springer Spaniel
This portrait of a Welsh Springer Spaniel is done with a watercolor underpainting and colored pencil for the detail. It is in the private collection of Carla and Keith Vooris.