Stained Glass Paw Print Ornament

This stained glass paw print ornament is about 3 inches across and can be made with any color background. I use the large glass nugget for the large pad, and medium sized nuggets for the toes. It makes a nice little present for dog lovers, or a small prize for dog show trophies.
All work Copyright 2010 by Diane Blasius


West Highland White Terrier Clock

This stained glass clock with a West Highland White Terrier design is one of the latest clock designs in our repertoire. This particular clock sits on a base, useful for a mantle clock or desk clock. Larger versions can be hung on a wall. The background can be done in any variety of colors to match your home’s decor.
All work Copyright 2010 by Diane Blasius


Chocolate Labrador Retriever Portrait

This custom dog portrait is of Summer, a Chocolate Labrador Retriever. Dr. Ed Monroe from North Carolina found our website and commissioned me to do this portrait of his Lab for his wife’s Christmas present, as a surprise. Through email, I was provided with high quality photos of the dog. I emailed back a preliminary sketch to make sure I had the right look and with the okay from Dr. Monroe, I proceeded with the finish work. Now it is in the private collection of Dr. and Mrs. Ed Monroe.
All work Copyright 2010 by Diane Blasius


Flat Coated Retriever Portrait

This custom dog portrait is of Tapas, a Flat Coated Retriever. It was done as a secret gift for a friend for Christmas of 2009, and is now in the home of Donna Bennett. Doing a portrait of a dog that I know can be difficult, as it can be harder to capture that essence I’m familiar with. The eyes are where the personality is and I believe I’ve captured Tapas’ happy-go-lucky yet sensitive nature.
All work Copyright 2010 by Diane Blasius


New Dog Breed Trophy Dachshund Clock

Mungo Works introduces the latest design in our stained glass clocks, suitable for dog breed trophies or dog lover gifts. It’s a black and tan Dachshund clock, complete with a stand integrated into the design so that it will sit on your mantle or desk, wherever you choose to enjoy it. The clock measures 5 1/2″ wide by 9″ high, and the base measures 3 1/2″ deep by 7 1/2″ wide.
All work Copyright 2010 by Diane Blasius