Stained Glass Panel with Sussex Spaniel

This custom stained glass panel was done for a couple in North Carolina who breed Sussex Spaniels. The panel was made to fit into a gate that they made for their front yard. I used different textured clear glass to create an interesting effect, and amber granite glass for their kennel name, Island Sussex. I only asked that they bring in the panel when the hurricanes were coming!

Island Sussex Stained Glass Panel
Island Sussex Stained Glass Panel

Stained Glass Hanging Panel with Five Dogs

This is an all-time favorite of mine. This is a stained glass panel, framed for hanging in a window, with five dogs who belong to the owners. You’ll see two Golden Retrievers and three Pointers in the panel, in a scene on the water, a duck flying away into the sky. This panel is approximately 26 inches wide, plus the frame. In the private collection of Laura Salvatore.