Custom Painted Glass Vases with Newfoundlands

The Newfoundland Club of New England has hired me to do a number of items for fund raisers. Here are four vases, 3 x 6 inches tall, with the four different colors of Newfoundlands painted on. As with every piece I do, each one is a one-of-a-kind work, no two are alike, even if I use the same model dog. Each piece is a mini portrait of a Newfoundland.

Black Newfoundland Custom Painted Vase
Black Newfoundland Custom Painted Vase
Landseer Newfoundland Vase
Landseer Newfoundland Custom Painted Vase
Brown Newfoundland Custom Painted Vase
Brown Newfoundland Custom Painted Vase
Gray Newfoundland Custom Painted Vase
Gray Newfoundland Custom Painted Vase

Stained Glass Panel with Sussex Spaniel

This custom stained glass panel was done for a couple in North Carolina who breed Sussex Spaniels. The panel was made to fit into a gate that they made for their front yard. I used different textured clear glass to create an interesting effect, and amber granite glass for their kennel name, Island Sussex. I only asked that they bring in the panel when the hurricanes were coming!

Island Sussex Stained Glass Panel
Island Sussex Stained Glass Panel

Stained Glass Hanging Panel with Five Dogs

This is an all-time favorite of mine. This is a stained glass panel, framed for hanging in a window, with five dogs who belong to the owners. You’ll see two Golden Retrievers and three Pointers in the panel, in a scene on the water, a duck flying away into the sky. This panel is approximately 26 inches wide, plus the frame. In the private collection of Laura Salvatore.


Hummingbird Stained Glass Wall Clock

This custom stained glass wall clock was fashioned after the Hummingbird Mantel Clock that you will find under “Clocks” on the main menu under “Stained Glass.” The client wanted a wall clock instead, so I made the pattern fit a round design, with the fuchsia flowers flowing around the face. The Hummingbird is done in iridescent glass, as are the bottom petals of the fuchsia flowers. This stained glass wall clock is roughly 12 inches across.


Dog Show Group One Trophy Winner’s Mantel Clock

I was commissioned last year to do 7 clocks that would be suitable for a Group One Dog Show Trophy at an all breed dog show. I came up with this design using the Group One ribbon colors, blue and white, using the rosette for the face and the tails of the ribbon for the bottom and stand, with a paw print in the design. These would be available in any of the ribbon color combinations.


Stained Glass Hummingbird Mirrors

These two Hummingbird mirrors were commissioned by friends of mine for their home in Northwest Connecticut. Avid gardeners and bird lovers, they were looking for a natural design showing flowers growing in their gardens, with a Hummingbird pair. The mirrors are 24 inches across, not including the frames, which add another two inches or so. Each mirror has around 600 pieces. The stained glass overlays the 24 inch mirror, so when light hits it, the glass seems to glow with color. These two stained glass mirrors hang in the private home of Wendy and Darrell Decker.

Hummingbird Mirror with Butterfly Bush and Male Hummingbird
Hummingbird Mirror with Butterfly Bush and Male Hummingbird
Hummingbird Mirror with Salvia and Female Hummingbird
Hummingbird Mirror with Salvia and Female Hummingbird

Norwich Terrier Stained Glass Mantel Clock

This stained glass mantel clock with two Norwich Terriers in two of the main colors they come in was commissioned for the Best of Breed prize for a Norwich Terrier dog show specialty. The club wanted me to use the ribbon colors of Best of Breed, which are purple and gold, for the background design.


Golden Retriever Stained Glass Trophies

These stained glass trophies were done for a Golden Retriever specialty dog show. The club wanted numerous items, all with stained glass Golden Retrievers as the motif. Below is a large stained glass mirror with the Golden Retriever head, with colors that would be pleasant in any home decor.

Large Golden Retriever Mirror Trophy
Large Golden Retriever Mirror Trophy

Here is another Golden Retriever stained glass piece, a vertical mantel clock.


This stained glass frame with a Golden Retriever puppy was for Best Puppy in the show.


The two stained glass items below were also offered for prizes at the Golden Retriever specialty show. First is a large stained glass box with Golden Retriever, and then a votive holder with a Golden Retriever on the front.



New English Springer Spaniel Letter Holders and Clock Designs

This is a new design for Mungo Works: a letter holder in stained glass and wood. The bottom of the holder is wood with two grooves into which the stained glass fits snugly. Shown here are two versions of stained glass English Springers, one a black and white and one a liver and white. They measure 5 inches wide and approximately 5 inches tall.
Original Stained Glass Artwork Copyright 2010 by Diane L. Blasius.


This stained glass English Springer Spaniel clock was a special commission, given as a gift for a birthday. The recipient is Irish, thus the shamrock appliqued to the side of the clock.


Border Terrier Dog Breed Trophies

This is a group of Border Terriers done in stained glass, being use for trophies for a show out in the mid west. First here is the stained glass Border Terrier mirror, for Best of Breed.
All work Copyright 2010 by Diane Blasius


The stained glass clock with the Border Terrier was given for Best of Opposite.


Smaller prizes with stained glass Border Terriers were votive holders with the heads on stands, small 4 x 6 stained glass frame, and stained glass ornaments. Also offered with this line of trophies were note cards with a Border Terrier design, as seen in the Note Cards section.


Border Terrier Votive Candle Holder


Border Terrier Picture Frame


Border Terrier Ornament


Border Terrier Note Card